Ganelon 0.9.0 API documentation

Microframework bringing instant development of AJAX-enabled web applications to Clojure/Ring.


Additional webapp-related utility logging functions, with features such as noir.request/*request* capture
or logging and returning of a value or execution duration logging.


This namespace contains actions support functions and macros.

This namespace provides additional handlers for Ganelon web apps.

Public variables and functions:


This names provides the equivalent of webnoir's defpage/add-middleware macros.
What is does, is to essentially provide dynamic list of routes and ability to define
multiple routes in many definition files.

The route paths should not overlap here, and default routes (files, not-found, etc.) should be set explicitly.

It is entirely possible to access other features of Ganelon without using dyna-routes. Or just use dyna-routes
and skip other features.


Convienience utility functions - lib-noir dependent.


Simple middleware utility functions.

Public variables and functions:


This namespace provides wrapping functions for defining certain out of the box UI operations.

An operation is a command send from an AJAX action to thin JavaScript layer.